The ICTOOLS are all those small software products produced at InfoChem that help you manage and handle chemical information in different environments.

If you need to visualize the chemical entities of your database, or you are looking for a tool that enables conversion of chemical structure files from one type to another, then choose ICIMAGE or ICCONVERT. Just put together the tools that you need and create your personalized chemistry toolbox!


ICCONVERT allows interconversion of established chemical structure file formats.


ICCOOR2D is a chemical calculation tool that generates 2D coordinates for given structure files. It can also be used to clean up corrupt coordinates. Combined with ICCONVERT, ICCOOR2D can process Rosdal, MDL® MOLfile, SDfile, SMILES, ISIS/Skc and ChemDraw cdx formats.


ICIMAGE is InfoChem's novel tool for creating web-compliant graphic files from any common structure or reaction format. Visualize your structure and reaction files as *.gif, *.jpg, *.wmf, *.emf and/or *.png images. Customer-specific solutions for other graphic formats can also be provided.