Our Mining for Chemistry offering helps you to annotate structures and semantically enrich your Chemistry and Life Sciences documents and data. We transform your large scale unstructured data like scientific literature, research reports and patent documents into smartly annotated, machine-readable data and standardized data formats. The multi-modal utilization of specialized software tools for graphical structure recognition, chemical named entity extraction and name to structure conversion (ICANNOTATOR) together with leading edge cheminformatics technologies makes our service unique and will revolutionize information extraction from documents with chemical content

Our solutions:


Generate chemical databases from unstructured text sources by recognizing for example, systematic names, trivial names, trade names, as well as standard identifiers such as InChI's or CAS Registry Numbers.


Get additional modules for ICANNOTATOR to enable extraction of text sources in many languages, extract inorganics, metal organics or genes and proteins.


Extract chemical structures and reactions with data from reaction schemes in ChemDraw cdx files by using ICSCHEMEPROCESSOR.