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DigitalGlassware™ the innovative cloud-based digital chemistry platform from DeepMatter™, brings recordability, reproducibility and shareability to your lab at every stage of the discovery process, from planning your reaction to analysing the outcome.

Click the video below to see DigitalGlassware™ in action in the Tocris Bio-Techne lab.


IMPROVE R&D PRODUCTIVITY and enable new discoveries

DigitalGlassware™ transforms chemistry into code. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to make better molecules and provide insights never before available.

Create reproducible recipes

The process starts with creating a 'recipe' - the name we give to our deeper, context rich chemistry protocol - in our cloud-based DigitalGlassware™.

DigitalGlassware™ encodes recipes, steps and operations. As recipes are recorded, writing standards are set that make them easily reproducible.


The process continues by collecting data about what is happening in the flask, fume hood and the lab. Device X and its sensors work right inside the flask.

DigitalGlassware™ provides a guide and records findings in real time, enabling the synthesis to be tracked as it unfolds, along with what is happening in the lab context. As Device X, DigitalGlassware™ and the sensors are all at work, the data is stored in the DeepMatter™ cloud.


All the gathered data in the DeepMatter™ cloud are now available to review. Displayed in real time and interrogated using multiple views through DigitalGlassware™, analysis of reaction runs can be made, synthesis re-played and insights mined.




Connect to multiple sources

A rich data environment is created, connected via or dedicated Digital Controller to more sources than ever possible before, providing access to data that makes chemistry more shareable, collaborative and connected.


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A new lens on data

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Using DigitalGlassware™ to gain deeper insights

The DigitalGlassware™ platform helps to correlate your actions in the lab with chemical outcomes, providing you with unique insights towards the reasons for success and failure in your reaction.

DigitalGlassware™: An early-warning system for your lab

A failed reaction isn’t just frustrating, it’s costly: wasting energy, chemicals and time. So if a reaction isn’t going the way it should, you need to know as soon as possible.

DigitalGlassware™ : Different Locations, Reproducible Results

As DigitalGlassware™ is cloud-based, users can share their reactions and run data easily and quickly with the global community.

Welcome to DigitalGlassware™

DigitalGlassware™, the innovative cloud-based digital chemistry platform from DeepMatter™, brings recordability, reproducibility and shareability to your lab at every stage of the discovery process.


Visit the DigitalGlassware™ platform

Click here to visit a public version of the DigitalGlassware™ platform and try out our RunManager module for yourself.

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Waters Press Release

PDF, 75.1 KB

DeepMatter announces plans to interface its DigitalGlassware™ platform with the Waters Corporation UNIFI™ Scientific Information System, enhancing the quality and accessibility of data for chemists worldwide.

Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute Press Release

PDF, 69.8 KB

DeepMatter announces collaboration with the Cancer Research UK Beatson Institute within its Drug Discovery Unit to enhance the reproducibility of its chemistry and accelerate drug discovery

AstraZeneca Collaboration Release

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DeepMatter announces collaboration with AstraZeneca focused on improving productivity of compound synthesis using digital technologies enabled with machine learning and artificial intelligence

University of Leeds Collaboration Release

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DeepMatter and the Institute of Process Research and Development (iPRD) at the University of Leeds, have commenced a project to integrate DeepMatter's technology platform, DigitalGlassware™ within the iPRD's laboratories