DeepMatter offers a broad selection of software tools and applications to solve any problem in the field of chemical data management, focusing in particular on high performance and reliability in handling and management of large chemical data sets.

All DeepMatter solutions are very flexible and can therefore be integrated into customer pre-existing infrastructures, which is an important aspect as research organizations design more comprehensive and integrated environments for successful discovery.

Our solutions:


Need to analyze huge amounts of chemical reaction data? Try DeepMatter’s ICRXN to identify, organize, structure and analyze synthetically valuable reactions.


Our reaction mapping tool, developed to automatically determine atom-by-atom mappings and to identify reacting centers in chemical reactions.


Categorize chemical reactions automatically according to the type of chemical transformation they represent with CLASSIFY!


Use ICFSE, the high performance chemistry search engine, for retrieval of data from millions of chemical structures and reaction in seconds!


ICCARTRIDGE is a powerful software module to integrate chemical structure & reaction retrieval into relational databases. Read more here.


Ask for ICCHEMDESK, the client application for managing and analyzing chemical data built on InfoChem’s chemistry cartridge for Oracle®.


Ask for ICEDIT, the powerful user-friendly chemical structure and reaction editor. With features such as input of advanced search option, R-group specification and easy integration in any desktop or application. Please try our new free lite version of the ICEDIT drawing application here.


Need products to handle chemical information? Choose ICIMAGE or ICCONVERT to visualize chemical entities of your data. Create your chemistry toolbox! The ICTOOLS are all those small software products produced at InfoChem that help you manage and handle chemical information in different environments.