DeepMatter has a differentiated portfolio of products that accelerate and optimise the hypothesis, design and synthesis process.

These products enable new compounds such as pharmaceuticals, agrichemicals and performance chemicals to get to market faster.


recordability, reproducibility and shareability

DigitalGlassware® the innovative cloud-based digital chemistry platform from DeepMatter™, brings recordability, reproducibility and shareability to your lab at every stage of the discovery process, from planning your reaction to analysing the outcome


DigitalGlassware transforms your chemistry into code to improve your productivity in your laboratory. Ask for a demo today.



DeepMatter rule-based algorithms are successfully applied to computer-aided synthesis planning and forward reaction prediction.
ICSYNTH suggests possible synthesis routes for a given target compound, whereas ICFRP predicts possible reactions from a given starting material.

DeepMatter offers not only a standard set of knowledge libraries, but also the possibility of creating tailored, customer-specific knowledge, thanks to the in-house developed tools for the automatic extraction of chemical rules from any reaction database, with no additional human effort.

Our solutions


ICSYNTH is a retrosynthesis software enabling chemists to generate synthetic pathways for a target molecule, stimulating ideas for alternative or novel synthetic routes. Request a free demo here.


ICFRP is a tool for forward reaction prediction based on an algorithms using synthetic knowledge from reactions published in the literature.


Our Mining for Chemistry offering helps you to annotate structures and semantically enrich your Chemistry and Life Sciences documents and data. We transform your large scale unstructured data like scientific literature, research reports and patent documents into smartly annotated, machine-readable data and standardized data formats. The multi-modal utilization of specialized software tools for graphical structure recognition, chemical named entity extraction and name to structure conversion (ICANNOTATOR) together with leading edge cheminformatics technologies makes our service unique and will revolutionize information extraction from documents with chemical content

Our solutions:


Generate chemical databases from unstructured text sources by recognizing for example, systematic names, trivial names, trade names, as well as standard identifiers such as InChI's or CAS Registry Numbers.


Get additional modules for ICANNOTATOR to enable extraction of text sources in many languages, extract inorganics, metal organics or genes and proteins.


Extract chemical structures and reactions with data from reaction schemes in ChemDraw cdx files by using ICSCHEMEPROCESSOR


DeepMatter offers a broad selection of software tools and applications to solve any problem in the field of chemical data management, focusing in particular on high performance and reliability in handling and management of large chemical data sets.

All DeepMatter solutions are very flexible and can therefore be integrated into customer pre-existing infrastructures, which is an important aspect as research organizations design more comprehensive and integrated environments for successful discovery.

Our solutions:


Need to analyze huge amounts of chemical reaction data? Try DeepMatter’s ICRXN to identify, organize, structure and analyze synthetically valuable reactions.


Our reaction mapping tool, developed to automatically determine atom-by-atom mappings and to identify reacting centers in chemical reactions.


Categorize chemical reactions automatically according to the type of chemical transformation they represent with CLASSIFY!


Use ICFSE, the high performance chemistry search engine, for retrieval of data from millions of chemical structures and reaction in seconds!


ICCARTRIDGE is a powerful software module to integrate chemical structure & reaction retrieval into relational databases. Read more here.


Ask for ICEDIT, the powerful user-friendly chemical structure and reaction editor. With features such as input of advanced search option, R-group specification and easy integration in any desktop or application. Please try our new free lite version of the ICEDIT drawing application here.