Rich data capture with DeviceX from DigitalGlassware®

With DigitalGlassware® we provide the tools to help structure and capture rich data sets in the lab for better chemical insights and discovery. And to facilitate the capture of data from the lab Deepmatter provides several bespoke sensor capturing offerings that come integrated with DigitalGlassware® and are ready to start recording data out of the box: DeviceX and the EnvironmentalSensor. Read on to find out more about how these devices enrichen your data streams from the lab.


DeviceX from DeepMatter is a multi-sensor data capture device that can record information from your reaction flask directly to our cloud storage platform. 

As part of the DigitalGlassware® offerings the DeviceX comes pre-configured and calibrated, ready to use straight out of the box!


Associated with DeviceX are a plethora of physical sensors partitioned along the sensor arm that record metrics such as temperature and UV/ IR light levels, and some more ‘unconventional’ sensors to help provide additional insights.

For instance we are able to estimate the stir rate of your magnetic stir bar with DeviceX and can also capture video of your reaction with the camera sensor.


Alongside the DeviceX is our EnvironmentalSensor that sits in your lab. The small battery operated device collects simple data from the ambient environment and makes it available alongside the rest of your reaction data to provide an even more complete record of your reaction conditions. Particularly useful for those light sensitive reactions or to monitor the true ‘ambient effect' of your lab on your reaction when the lab air conditioning breaks!

All the data from the DeviceX and EnvironmentalSensor is available in real-time from the DigitalGlassware® web browser or from the RecipeRunner tablet app and is securely stored on our cloud-based storage platform.

DeviceX and the EnvironmentalSensor are both available as standard with the DigitalGlassware® platform. If you’d like a fuller demonstration of DigitalGlassware® click the Free Demo button below

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If you’d like a fuller demonstration of the DigitalGlassware™ experience you can request a free demo of the platform by clicking the button below.

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