Welcome, in this issue of Deep Matters we will show you how DigitalGlassware® helps you keep track of what’s going on inside a flask in your lab and how DigitalGlassware® can be the solution to your reproducibility crisis. Plus, we reveal the opening of our new demo suite in Glasgow and share announcements from the group.

Keeping tabs on your chemistry remotely with DigitalGlassware®

Find out how DigitalGlassware®, our cloud-based digital chemistry platform, lets you keep track of what’s going on inside a flask in your lab from your desk, your home office or even the comfort of your kitchen.
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A digital solution to the reproducibility crisis

In the chemistry lab irreproducible results are no laughing matter. Reactions that fail to work consistently can cause frustration and waste time, energy and expensive reagents. Even when it seems that all variables have been carefully controlled, yields can vary hugely or reactions can fail altogether.
DigitalGlassware® allows chemists to improve consistency and efficiency - and helps to consign those irreproducible results to the pages of history. For more insight into how this is achieved click here.

Nessa Carson, a member of our Scientific Advisory Board, will be speaking on Industrial Electrochemistry at the 7th Winter Process Chemistry Conference of Scientific Update in Leeds on Wednesday 8th December 2021. For more information and to register for this event, please click here.

New Demo Lab in the Deepmatter offices

Earlier this month we unveiled our brand new demo lab for DigitalGlassware® in the heart of the Deepmatter office in Glasgow. The lab has a demonstration unit of the technology in action as well as a timeline wall showing key milestones since our inception. It was great to see digital chemistry in action and have the opportunity to showcase DigitalGlassware® with customers both online and face to face.


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